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Engineered Machine Foundations

Before you install a machine or any type of critical equipment, ask whether a foundation is needed. Machines that require foundations are support critical. You can determine if your machine is support-critical by determining whether it requires external support to perform to its design levels.

The fundamental requirement to design a foundation isolation system that functions properly is to establish the correct relationship between the forcing frequency and the natural frequency of the isolation system. In most cases our objective is to assure that the natural frequency is lower than the forcing frequency.


— Machine Tools
— Coordinate Measuring Machine
— Automation Systems
— Metal Forming
— Medical Equipment
— Power Generation
— Wind Power
— Injection Molding Machines
— Die Casting Machines
— Testing Equipment
— Printing Equipment
— Oil and Gas Equipment

Before you decide whether to isolate, consider the following factors:

— High traffic (Internal or External)— Nearby presses or mills taking heavy interrupted cuts— To avoid disturbing the surround environment with energy from a machine installation— Interference from nearby rail lines

It's always a good idea to have a vibration survey done to determine actual vibratory energy levels in the area where the machine will be located. The next considerations are the specific machine requirements. This includes a review of any OEM specifications related to vibration acceptable at the equipment under operating conditions.

For more information on the solutions we offer for foundation isolation, please download this brochure:

Foundation Isolation Solutions(PDF)